Hot Rods By Rev Rods

About Us

Rev Rods :: Classic Muscle... REVolutionized!

Our Plan: Take the original and evolve into a more dominant version of itself. In essence, to Represent.

RevRods creates exclusive custom-fitted hotrods. Made to order for a specific customer, and made from high-quality, expensive materials and assembled with extreme attention to detail and finish, using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques.

Performance is paramount! Which is why a piece of the car makin’ puzzle is to lay you back in the seat! Nothing shy of some serious ground pounding action. Our rides will freak your freak.

The advantages of a RevRods product are innovation, design, technique, precision and most of all passion. This word, passion, keeps resurfacing because it seems to encapsulate best the emotion of what we do. Passion to drive. Passion to build. Passion to create. Passion for perfection.